User Technology Analysis

Various voices have been raised for the product from the user side of the heat pump. The following is a small example.

  • There is a big gap between catalog performance and actual operation performance.
  • Is it okay for indoors to become huge, not looking good, or fixed in the event of a disaster?
  • The number of remote controls for home appliances is increasing rapidly. Can't you do something about it?
  • In the process of converting to low GWP refrigerants, is it not available for drop-in and retrofit?

Therefore, in this project, we investigate technology, refrigerant, performance evaluation, and economy from the user's point of view, and analyze the technology expected from the user side using simulation and evaluation equipment. In addition, we will clarify the barriers between users and product technology, analyze products required by consumers, clarify simple comprehensive evaluation indicators for consumers as necessary, and consider the form of products expected from users in industry and industry.